ross is in the process of writing a book for juliet to read. here is what he has so far, and juliet can read the entire thing!!!! she even performed on command the other day for a little audience, so i have witnesses.

Juliet and Juliet's Mama

Juliet and Juliet's Papa

Juliet and Mama and Papa

Mama likes Juliet.

Papa likes Juliet.

Papa likes Mama.

Juliet and Mama watch TV. We like TV.

Juliet and Papa read a book.

We like books. Papa does not like TV.

Mama, Papa, Juliet and 2 cats. Mama likes cats. Papa likes cats. Juliet likes cats. The cats do not read books. The cats do not like books.

A cat and Juliet watch TV. The cat does not like TV. Juliet likes the TV, and Juliet likes the cat.

We have a grey cat. We have a black cat. We have 2 cats.

The grey cat is a boy. Papa is a boy. The black cat is a girl. Juliet is a girl. Mama is a girl.

Papa and Juliet do read books. Mama and Juliet do read books. Juliet is a girl who reads books.