Here Juliet discovers packing material.

juliet gets packed

Here we have a discussion about this method of travel.

Here Juliet and her friend Wolfie hang out in an oversized pail at her Mom's store.

juliet and wolfie in a pail

Juliet looking stylish.

juliet looking stylish

Juliet in Illinois, looking a bit manic

juliet looking manic

Here she plays ball with her cousin, aunt, and uncle.

juliet plays ball

It was frisbee golf. There was a lot of walking. She got tired of that part.

juliet gets a ride

Here's a video of Juliet and her cousin Orlando.

Juliet gets some help from Julian with opening her birthday presents.

juliet and Julian

Loot makes you feel happy.

juliet is happy

With her Grandpa Kate

juliet and grandpa kate

Juliet gets a (non-plastic) castle.

juliet gets a castle

She also got an apron.

juliet gets an apron

I cannot post pictures of Juliet without showing her eating pasta with her friend Wolfie.

juliet and wolfie eat pasta