Juliet, spinner of stories

So, Juliet told me tonight she had a story. Here it is, as close as I can record it.

There was a baby bear. His name was Edo (sp?). He was a bad bear. He pushed his mama over, but then he said he was sorry. Then broke his papa. He broke his papa's hand. Then he ate Juliet. [at this point Juliet pointed out to me that it was just a story, as if to explain why she was sitting in front of me, uneaten] Then Juliet turned him into...[pause to think]a good bear. Then he wanted a cookie, but his papa wouldn't give him one. Then he became a bad bear again. The End.

It's got character growth, tragic failed attempt at redemption (reminiscent of Gollum), the whole deal. I'm sure it will become a classic.