Ok, you want pictures, you got pictures.

At fountains in Austin.


Listening to indie rock at End of an Ear later that day.


Dressed up for Talk Like A Pirate Day


Making a Playdo(sp?) Cthulhu(sp?) at Atlanta. Actually I think she may have had help. That's fair, I had help from Rob Little getting these pictures taken.


She was, after all, hanging out with some questionable types.

juliet and andrea

Mark and Kay's back porch.


Lady and Rob Little, shown here, both met with Juliet's approval. But she did say she wished Rob Little's Mama were there (I think this means Charlotte).


Four 8-hour car rides in 6 days, and she retained a good mood. It wasn't easy for her, but it sure made it a heck of a lot easier for us. Thank you, Juliet.

good kid

Very famous New Orleans church which we saw on the way back from Atlanta. Don't recall the name but the horses were popular with the 4-year old crowd. Also the banana trees.

NOLA church

Juliet does some art appraisal at our hotel room in New Orleans.

Juliet's Mama took about a hundred pictures like this, but each with a unique pose. I'm not kidding.

siouxsie one

siouxsie two

siouxsie three