No particular theme here, just some images from the last six weeks or so.

Trying out some new gear at Secret Oktober.

juliet the steampunk

Spending some quality time with Grandpa Kate in the rumpus room, dressed in a horribly glam outfit.

juliet and kate

This picture makes it look as though she's growing up pretty fast.

growing up

Juliet stayed in this outfit for about 15 minutes.

juliet and wolfie

Wolfie excited, Juliet happy.

wolfie excited and juliet happy

Juliet in her best Diwali (festival of light) outfit. The blue sash should be around her shoulders, which it was for maybe four minutes when we first went to the party that evening.

juliet in diwali outfit

Here, she generously offers me rocks from the parking lot, with a smile.

juliet shows rocks