juliet's story tonight

As best I can capture it:

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Juliet, who lived in a treehouse. Her friend Wolfie lived in a boat, with her mama. The boat was tied to a rope. Wolfie and Flip [ed: that's Wolfie's mom] decided to go pick up Juliet. They went to go eat. There was a wooden stork in the river. But they pushed a button, and the stork went out of the way. They stopped at an island to eat. They tied the rope to a stick. The boat didn't have eyes. But the stick had eyes. They tied the rope to a stick, and put the stick in the ground, so the boat wouldn't go away. Then they had a picnic. But the stick said, "I don't want a rope". So the boat floated away.

But, Juliet had a canoe. So they went in the canoe. But then it started to sink. Wolfie put on her swimsuit, and jumped into the water. Flip put on her swimsuit, and jumped in the water. Juliet put on her swimsuit, but she couldn't jump in the water [ed: maybe because she can't swim?]. So she used a ladder. Then she pulled the lid, and all the water went out. [I asked what the lid was for, and Juliet said "the water goes around and around and down the drain", so I think that she was talking about a stopper]

Then they got back in the canoe. Then it started to rain. Juliet put the stopper back in. The canoe didn't sink. Then they tied the rope to Devin's house. The End.