pix from grandparents and Galveston

No particular theme here, just some images from the last six weeks or so.

Juliet with her Grandpa Hank and Grandma Pat. She can now identify them by name in a picture.

juliet with grandparents

Modeling her flapper dress.

juliet flapper

Family at the Galveston Dickens Festival. Some years it's uncomfortably warm and sunny at this, but this year it was quite satisfyingly cool ('cold' in the parlance of local Texans).

family at galveston

Later, she got to ride a pony, which I think was as exciting for her as riding an elephant at the renaissance fair was a few months ago.

pony ride

The next day, we went to the beach. The cool weather was not so satisfying in that context, in my opinion.


We also took a ride on the ferry, which involved seeing quite a few dolphins, and even more birds. And lots and LOTS of wind. Here's our friend Lisa keeping her warm, and able to see over the guardrail.

juliet and lisa

The last few weeks have heard the frequent refrain, "my hair is getting in my face!" She hates that, and also very much dislikes getting her hair brushed. I figured that if I asked her if she wanted her hair cut on several different days, and she always said yes, it was probably true. So, Grandpa Kate did the deed. Looks kind of like her mother's hair, now, except for the color.

new haircut