Juliet tells her papa a story

[story that Juliet told me while we were at The Green Muse today]

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Juliet, who had friends named Wolfie and Devin. Devin had a time machine. He said, "Let's go see the baby dinosaur." They said, "ok". So they visited the baby dinosaur, but he didn't have any friends, because his papa would eat them up.

[This came from a story I told her a few days ago, with a time machine and a friend-eating papa dinosaur; I guess I didn't think clearly about the lessons she might draw from this at the time]

They played music. Juliet played the guitar, and Devin played the drum, and Wolfie played the maracas, and baby dinosaur played the horn. Juliet said, "This guitar only plays one note!"

[we had a discussion at this point about John Cage, and music with only one note, then she returned to the story]

They heard papa dinosaur stomping home. Baby Dino said, "I have a good idea. I'll tell papa not to eat my friends." But papa doesn't listen. Papas sometimes don't listen.

[I pretended not to get the obvious moral here, thus proving her point]

Then, they said, "Where is Wolfie?" Papa dinosaur ate her all up! So then Devin had a good idea. He said, "Hey, let's use a rocket ship." So they used a rocket ship to go into the papa dinosaur. Then Juliet found a flashlight so they could see. Then they found a TV.

[I asked if we were still inside the papa dinosaur, and she said yes. So I asked how the TV got there, and she said he ate it. How she got the idea of a papa who doesn't like TV is pretty obvious]

Then Harold came out of the TV.

[this is Harold of "Harold and the Purple Crayon" fame]

There was a whole field of magic flowers.

["Are we still in the papa's belly?" "Yes"]

Harold drew a rope. But Wolfie couldn't see the rope. So then Harold had a good idea, and they all took the magic flowers and used them to go in the TV. Then they found Wolfie. Then they had a picnic.

["Are we still in the papa's belly?" "Why do you keep asking if we're in the papa's belly?" "Well, it just didn't sound like we were, I thought I had missed something."]

Then they went home, and had a picnic. The end.