Juliet talks about gardening

So, the topic of this spring has been plants growing.

Juliet and her mama planted some tulips. I wanted to tell her about financial bubbles, a la the Great Tulip Bulb Crash, but she didn't seem interested. Maybe next year.


Wolfie visited.

juliet and wolfie and pasta

Juliet has started to take pictures herself. Some of them are blurry closeups of (I think) her face. Others are of Julian.

juliet takes a picture of julian

Or of Violenta.

juliet takes a picture of Violenta

Or, you know, whatever.

juliet takes a picture of maggie

Sometimes there are pictures on the camera where I just don't remember what the deal was.

juliet makes a face

Later, the tulips were gone, and it was time for tomatoes.


Here, we have a discussion of gardening.