So, I have a little HP Mini which I take with me to coffeeshops (it fits neatly inside a gasmask bag). I put Ubuntu (the Netbook remix) on it, and on that is a little webcam program named Cheese. I decided today to go back through the last few months, and see what Juliet has been doing with it when we're at the coffeeshop together.

I'm going to try Flickr's "post to blog" option on this, so if you don't see any pictures then that means I haven't figured out how it works yet. Please stand by!


February, she is learning how it works with me.


Pretty quickly, she was able to play around with it herself.


There are some effects you can use. She liked that.


I have to say, though, I'm not sure what good these affects are if you're not 4 years old. But they sure are a hit with that crowd, though.


She learned how to get people besides her papa in the picture with her.


Some of these people enjoyed smiling for the camera just as much as she did



By late March she began to notice that, without a flash, the inside of a coffeeshop is rather dark for this sort of thing.


By early May she was asking to sit next to the window, so there would be enough light. She had also learned to use the color filters.


She also played around with black and white. Not sure she's too happy about the results, though.


If you combine several of these effects, things can get pretty wacky.


Sometimes I wish I had asked her what she was thinking about at the time. Can a 4-year old look pensive? The answer is obviously yes.


It was inevitable that eventually she would get pictures of the coffeeshop workers. The coffeeshop is called the Green Muse, by the way. We have discussed how it is important to always get permission.


I guess Juliet will be what is called a "digital native". That is someone who grows up being comfortable with computers and other digital technologies. I'd say she's pretty comfortable with it.