So, Juliet went to her first day of school today.

Here she is dancing in the parking lot.

Apparently, she was pretty happy.

Inside, there was some drumming.

Cassandra was the one who took Juliet to school, and apparently there was some drama when it was time for her to go and Juliet realized she would be staying. I mean, she knew that already, but the reality of it was a bit stressful, apparently. I got a call from the parking lot from Cassandra, who was wise enough to walk out regardless but also found it a bit stressful. I told her the story my mom (a kindergarten teacher of many years) told me, that the first day the hardest part was getting the parents to leave, and convincing them that a few minutes after they left everything would be fine. During the course of the phone call, though, she realized that the crying noises from inside the school had stopped, and by the time she went to pick Juliet up at the end of the day Juliet didn't want to leave the school. :)

Now is as good a time as any to post some digital art that Juliet has been doing from time to time in the coffeeshop (on my computer). The only part I have to do is start it up, and then at the end she tells me what name to save it under. This one is "Juliet Masterpiece 3", from the middle of April.

This one is "Juliet Giant Masterpiece", from early May.

This one is "Juliet Mystery Masterpiece", from later in May.

This one is "Juliet Almost Finished Yellow Masterpiece", which is a title that makes me think a bit. It's from August.

You know, sometimes it's better to take the canvas away before the artist goes too far.