In Atlanta, at what we call Mark and Kay's house, but which Juliet refers to as "Lady's house". Lady, as you might guess, is the dog.

asleep in the house of Lady

You know that song about the monkeys jumping on the bed, who fall down one after another and hurt their head? Juliet loves to sing that song. She loves the book, even in Spanish. She resolutely resists the lesson.

jumping on the bed

We don't have as many pictures of New Orleans as we should, but we did get the obligatory beignets (sp?).

powdered sugar

Back home, modeling hats.

red hat

Being a cowgirl. Technically, that's my hat.

cowgirl hat

Lunch with Wolfie.

lunch with Wolfie

Looking at the Moon, I think.


Hanging out at Secret Oktober with Grandpa Kate.

Grandpa Kate

In other news, she still likes school a lot, and her first parent-teacher conference went well. She is currently into space, dinosaurs, playing at the park, and having me tell stories. Also she likes taking pictures. There are a lot of fuzzy pictures of her trains, blocks, and knee which I neglected to include here. Maybe next time.