no pics, just a plan for a library

While Juliet was drinking milk and eating half a bagel (with cream cheese, she will not accept peanut butter or chocolate on a bagel) at the Fair Bean coffeeshop, she came up with the following plan for a library.

  1. it will let people be noisy
  2. it will not ever take your money (like for fines), it will give you money instead
  3. it will have stuffed animals
  4. it will have pillow fights, and it will provide the pillows
  5. actually the adults WILL have to be quiet, but the kids won't
  6. the adults can sit in a separate room, in fact, doing adult stuff like working on the computer and reading books
  7. there would be a middle room for the big kids
  8. no boys would be allowed in the little kids' room, they play too rough
  9. well ok maybe the nice ones could stay, but only if they play nice

So, there you have it, a 5-year old girl's idea of the perfect library. She admitted that maybe not too much learning would happen in it. However, she did say it would be "almost as much fun as my school."