no pics, just a new species

Ok, I don't know if "species" is the right term, but anyway. Juliet decided she is a "rainbow fairy". I asked for some details, and found out that:

  1. rainbow fairies don't wear black
  2. rainbow fairies are very light, so you can give them piggyback rides as long as they want
  3. rainbow fairies all have their own pet unicorn, which can fly
  4. there are no boy rainbow fairies, only girls

So, then I asked where the new rainbow fairies would come from. This led to a discussion about how even ants and bees, which are mostly girls, have to have a few boys so that they can have new ants and bees eventually.

The need for having new rainbow fairies was discussed, in regards immortality vs. having babies, and how you can't have both or the world would eventually be overrun with rainbow fairies. This led to:

  1. ok, there is ONE rainbow fairy boy
  2. when rainbow fairies grow up, they stop being fairies and become just grown-up women
  3. the rainbow fairy boy is immortal, so we only ever need one

So, I have a new hero: the rainbow fairy boy. He has a female:male ratio heavily in his favor, and he never dies.