pictures from Easter on up to today

Modelling coats at Secret oktober.

a might bit too large

Waiting with her mama for her papa to come back from a conference in Seattle. Turns out he came up on them from an unexpected direction.

waiting for Papa

Rolling around in mock fright on the floor at Secret Oktober, I forget why (if I even knew).

modelling the floor

A favorite recent game is to take pictures with her papa's glasses in places other than on her papa. I left out many (many) pictures of glasses on backpacks, books, knees, etc. But this one is a nice glimpse of her likely future.

Juliet with glasses

Easter party calls for big hats. This one didn't stay on all that long, but it was long enough for a picture.

Juliet with hat

There is a neighborhood cat, called by us Cowcat but called by the neighbors Caprica, who was recently given a gift by Juliet. She didn't seem to take to it all that well, but she didn't fuss as much as you might expect.

Juliet with cowcat

Eating chocolate at Fair Bean coffeeshop on South First.

Juliet with chocolate

Juliet and Wolfie were both, as you can see, overjoyed to have me taking their picture. This was taken earlier today. They are currently upstairs playing in her room, in a much more cheerful mood than this picture would suggest.

Juliet with Wolfie

In other news, she's going to graduate from Kindergarten next week! Woohoo!