Juliet in June and early July

Juliet in June and early July.

In Bouldin Creek (the actual creek, not the coffeehouse).

Juliet in Bouldin Creek

In the Bouldin Creek coffeeshop, on the other hand, one of the workers there gave Juliet her glasses. Somehow, she thought they made more sense for Juliet to have.

Princess Juliet in a world of pink

In the park just north of Book People, under her favorite tree.

explorer Juliet

Sometimes she goes thrift shopping with Grandpa Kate and Mary.

Juliet Kate and Mary

We got Wolfie to smile for the camera again!

Juliet and Wolfie

Juliet explores Grandpa Kate's new house.

Juliet explores the house of Kate

The whole family (including Kate) drove the long ride up to Illinois for July 4th.

Juliet on the way to Illinois

Across the river in St. Louis for an afternoon, she waits behind her cousin Lando to get inside the old-timey diving suit.

Juliet waits in line

Which, actually, Lando is barely able to see out of.

Orlando is clearly tall enough

But, Juliet's Uncle Wally is there to document the event.

Uncle Wally

It's kind of a stretch for Juliet also.

My turn

Later, Nana Joann (Grandpa Kate's mom) gives Juliet some nifty birthday presents.

Nana Joann

Meanwhile, Juliet's father and the Rollinson menfolk went on a strange and epic journey. I think he has a picture of this posted somewhere also, by the way.

Papa Rollinson

On the way back home, tired but happy.

Headed home