September and part of October

Sorry, not many updates lately. But here are a few!

This is Juliet when she and her papa went down to the river, at that time the only water left in Austin.

Juliet under the bridge

This picture is, I think, taken by Juliet, when we ran into our friends Jennifer and Milo at Jo's coffeeshop. She asked permission, when reminded to do so.

Jennifer and Milo

Here we are at the Great Outdoors garden store, which is getting into the Halloween spirit.

Juliet with creepy guy

I would have to say Juliet is also getting into the Halloween spirit, this year.

juliet with vampire teeth

We went to a Dustbowl party, since if all of Texas was going to dry up and blow away why not have a party about it. Our friend Samantha came dressed as the Grapes of Wrath. Juliet didn't go much for the wrath (toy sword and axe, as I recall), but she liked wearing the grapes. She also liked a little phone app we found later that allowed her to touch up the picture a bit.

Juliet as grapes without the wrath

Of course, once we had a party about it, the rain came.