Pictures mostly from December

Sorry so long since the last update, but here we are.

Here is an image from back in August, which we rescued off the card to our former camera (that I dumped pink lemonade on shortly after this picture was taken). You can probably guess the location.

Juliet at the White House

I cannot recall, now, what was so exciting to Juliet here.

Juliet in purple

The "princess dudette" look is going to be very big in the coming year.

Juliet in dress and stocking cap

Here we are shortly before Juliet's papa sold her to the pirates. Not really, we're actually at the Galveston Dickens Festival.

Juliet and papa and a sailing ship

They let people on board! It was nifty, but crowded.

Juliet and papa and a sailing ship

This is her getting chocolate (among other things) for a present on Christmas day. She lost the tooth the night before. The missing tooth+chocolate calls out for a snarky comment, but I can't quite formulate it.

Juliet gets chocolate

She also got a really creepy toy that's a hippo head with a blanket instead of a body. Well, she liked it. Not. Right.

Juliet gets chocolate

Shortly after Christmas we took a day trip down to San Antonio to see the old part of town. San Antonio knows how to decorate a Christmas tree, lights or no lights.

Juliet and a big Christmas tree

After that, we walked along the Riverwalk. As I recall, right before taking this picture I said, "Hold on, I want to get the exact moment when she falls in."

Juliet gets her hands wet