With her friend Wolfie, shortly before Christmas.

with wolfie and christmas tree

At the old Secret Oktober location.

juliet at secret oktober

The loss of Juliet's first tooth (on Christmas Eve), was an occasion of much anxiety and wailing (I guess we never told Juliet there would be a little bit of blood). The second one went while we were all at a party at a friend's house, and Juliet's reaction was much different. She stood in front of a mirror for a good 15 minutes and worked it back and forth until she had it out, with basically no help or encouragement from anyone else required. Here she has her second tooth in a small container, and shows off her two-tooth-sized gap.

juliet loses a second tooth

Two days ago, Juliet and I were at Green Muse coffeeshop, and she played on my laptop with the image processing program GIMP. She made this, which she titled "Juliet and Mama in the Fog".

juliet loses a second tooth

In other news, she is adding "soup" to her (very short) list of acceptable foods to eat, and also is helping more and more in the kitchen. Plus, she is adding three digit numbers together, as long as they don't require carrying a 1 (that one she still needs help to do). She also has done some basic multiplication (though she still needs to draw pictures in order to do it).