so the website that is telling me how to make a website is telling me to write a paragraph, sooo... here it is.

oh my Celestia! i can type in pink!

but it is really hard to see.

mabe i should go with a darker color.

like red!

or blue!


oh i guess i can not do rainbow.

but i can still do pink!

wow blue on top of hot pink looks soooo... cool!:)

ya, now i am just typeing random text because i like the look of it. hmmmmmmm... what should i type? um, bla bla bla bla-wait "bla" is too short and the only reason i am typeing this paragraph is just filler.

weeeeeee! i can make the text look really weird and cool! :)


This is a paragraph.

ok now i dont know what to put on my website... pinkie pie thare is so much pink here.

Canterlot Castle Pinkie Pie


pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink pink ok some flurry heart (who has sone pink in her but is still less pink then pinkie or pinkimena.

hi :)

flurry heart

Screwball Pumpkin Cake dr. Who and River Song Sombra and Hope hogwarts

my youtube channel

Juliet's father put this paragraph in here, to show what Juliet has to look forward to in the future. Note that he also removed the extra DOCTYPE and body tag, because she had two of them in her html and you only want one, total, per page.

Hi! it's Juliet again. i LOVE "Steven Universe" i'm lisening to the steven universe soundtrack now i love the songs. i also ship Fluttercord. ok im really tird but i need to do something on my website... i think this counts.


ok, i am about to show you really scary picture, you have been warnd

Name best to worst ratio i could not think of anything else
Flutter Shy 8.5/10 (flutter "yay")
g3.5 Scooterloo -10/10 g3.5_scootallo
Spike 7/10 number 1 assistant!

oh and i think that Discord is The Master from Dr. Who, and Bill from Gravity Falls.

  1. mlp
  2. my little pony
  3. My Little Pony

so i was told that i need to make a list about something but i don't know what to make a list of... sooo, ya.

OMC I LLLOOOOVVVVEEEE THE NEW EPISODE OF MLP! (the new episde is Fame and Misfortune)

ok i think i am supposted to type something here but i don't know what to type.

i saw the full eclipse! it looked soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!

it looked like that picture, but the sky was not that dark.